by The Magic Beans

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Side 1 of 2-Disc Album: Sites & Sounds


released March 4, 2014

Andy Thorn on Banjo, Scott Messersmith on percussion, Zebulon Bowles on fiddle, Cody Russell on lap steel and pedal steel guitars, Mark Hanson on Saxes, Mixed and Mastered at Crucible Studios in Eldorado Springs Canyon, CO by our great friend, sound engineer, and co-producer; Andy McEwen.




The Magic Beans Boulder, Colorado

The Magic Beans are a touring band from Nederland, CO. Their diverse songs move your mind, while their tight grooves move your booty. Drawing from a wide range of influences, The Magic Beans leave nothing off the table as they combine funk, rock, bluegrass, and electronica into one sound and sometimes even one composition. ... more


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Track Name: Gravy Train
Howling at the moon, morning has come too soon
Well the fire's still burning, we got near half a bottle to kill
'pon sonance of cockcrow the blood hounds will be on our trail
Guess we best be moving on, piss out that fire and bail

In California, we got a job
Working, for the mob
Well it ain't what folks call holy but i sure could use some more change.
Had some trouble on the coast before, but that wont happen again.
Cause when i hear that whistle blowing, I'll be rolling on that gravy train

Its hard living, out on the road
You get bought, you get sold
It gets old, living on the road
Ya gotta wear the same clothes or stub your toe
Well ain't nobody gonna save my soul, dontcha know

But when i feel that cool air blowing past the mountain,
down right between my cheeks
I'll give you a fortnight to ponder a feeling that just couldn't beat.
Than that pure canyon air blowing right through the crack your seat

Well i headed down south, to Memphis, TN
Went to see my baby but she didn't wanna see me
Went on down to Georgia, and up to North Caroline
My mama wont see my either, so i guess she's doing fine

Well most dont like my ways, some even call me insane
But i'm just picking and drinking and thinking
i got whiskey lodged somewhere in my brain.
but when i hear that whistle blowing, I'll be rollin' on that gravy train
Track Name: Dying Day
Lonesome highway and I cant sleep
Desperado on rubber feet
Road hits the horizon like an arrow to the sky
and my mind wanders faster than my feet can oblige

Far away, the crimson plot their greed
The plan to tax and tare, the things that i need
but all i got with me, is a fiddle and flask
cause you cant tax and tare, the things i dont have

I often wonder when my time will come
When i must gather all my things and run
I often wonder why the worlds this way
but I'm not gonna stop to find out
Unless this be my dying day, be my dying day
Track Name: Leave the Light On
Bird are out to flight
Autumns here, growing colder each night
One last moaning breath of life
Wind through the trees, whispers words at night
And I got something on my mind,
I wonder when our paths will coincide
I'm losing track of the time, but i hope that you can sympathize

I don't wanna sit and wonder,
whats waiting for me at home
The only thing thats left ponder,
is how much longer i'll be alone

Leave the light on, in your window
Leave the light on, I'm coming home

From the west a gentle breeze
blows of the leaves of aspen tree
A gust that just don't seem to seize
I deep blue sea can be hard to please
That gust is pulling on my sail
Count the days, man its hard to tell
How much water we had to bail
To keep her afloat, heading back to port

and i dont mind good company,
whiskey, weed yeah theres no doubt
you know someday it'll be the death of me
hope your still there to help me out