2012​-​11​-​29 Quixote's True Blue, Denver, CO Set II

by The Magic Beans

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Recorded live at Quixote's True Blue in Denver, CO on November, 29th, 2012. 2nd Set only!


released December 15, 2012

Quixote's True Blue, Max on Sax, Jay Bianchi, Robby Schecter and the Motion Detectors, Friends and Fans



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The Magic Beans Boulder, Colorado

The Magic Beans are a touring band from Nederland, CO. Their diverse songs move your mind, while their tight grooves move your booty. Drawing from a wide range of influences, The Magic Beans leave nothing off the table as they combine funk, rock, bluegrass, and electronica into one sound and sometimes even one composition. ... more


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Track Name: Luck
Verse 1:
Well I'm aheadin' out of town,
thoughts been in my head, since the crops been dead
in the infertile ground

And I can't say where I'm bound,
got to find a place, where i see a face
that i wanna keep around

Maybe then i'll settle down
get myself some land, dirty up my hands,
tell they're good and dark and brown

Til I see you come around,
my past is catching up and my dirty luck
will leave me 'neath the ground

Verse 2:
Well I've seen my share of bad luck,
It was long ago, when I was all alone,
and I thought I was tough

And I was wading through the muck,
but i didn't ask for help, cause that's how I felt,
and I thought that I was tough

But i was just trying to make a buck,
its true i broke some laws and a couple jaws
but I didn't give a fuck

and Now the dead bell's been struck,
the marshall's come for me, and he ain't gonna leave,
til I'm locked up in cuffs
Track Name: Pizza Baby >
And you just can't take it
if theres a rule i'll break it
all you haters fake it
everybody knows that we party naked! (x2)
Track Name: Who's Crazy!? >
You talk a lot,
but what you're saying,
you don't make up on the spot
You're just playing,
the most dramatic part
we've gotta put an end to this oooh

And Who's Crazy!? (x3)

You got big dreams,
or so it seems,
but I might have to disagree,
based on what I've seen, you haven't even
planted the seed,
but you're pretty stoked about the tree

Chorus (x3)

Whachu want?
You want a big house, five cars in the garage, a loft up in the stars?
or a strum on a guitar?
or a new friend from afar?

Chorus (x3)
Track Name: Long Way Down >
Everywhere ya go, people watching,
i dont care who you talking too,
Everywhere ya go people clocking,
and your time is almost through

Well I can see, the stares behind my back,
I can feel, bad thoughts acomin' back

And it'll be a long, it'll be a long way down (x2)

Upon the shore, the waters rising
towns and homes are capsizing
to the sea
Beneath the earth machines are taking black gold
that took years to be

Well i can hear, the pleas from cross the sea
Well I can feel, the guilt inside of me

Chorus (x4)... but you'll come around

Chorus II:
Someday, but not today (x4)... but I'm on my way
Track Name: Long Way Down
Chorus II (x4)